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Am I gonna do a "making of" journal after every editorial I write? No.

I`m only writing this because of a setback that happened when I wrote it.

I started writing it in notes, january 19 and saved it as a draft. After some writing I only had one subject left: "Best Disney Movie EVAR?"
Since I had written it all in notes, something that I believe was originally intended for relatively short messages, I was afraid that all my text was getting close to be a little too much for it.
So on jan 28 I decided to create a new note called "Thoughts on Frozen 2" where I would write the last part.
Then, a minute after I did this, something happened. Don`t know what I did but suddenly I had two "Thoughts on Frozen 2".
All that stuff that I had written in part one was suddenly replaced by a short sentence that I had written in part 2.


Needless to say, I was not very happy about it.
After a while I decided to rewrite what I could remember of my text. Instead of saving part two on a note-draft here on DA I saved it on a draft on my e-mail.
This time I wrote a little faster, probably beacause I was just rewriting some old stuff instead of coming up with new things from scratch.
When I rewrote my editorial I started to remember more and more of my previous text.
So what you can read in the finished editorial (with the exception of a few words here and there) is exactly what I wrote in the lost version.
A big exception is that "Sibling love and romantic love" was a little longer in the old version. In the original I had written more on definitions of love, like: a philosophy teacher I once had said that love "is to wish/want someone well" and then I mentioned that there are more kinds of love besides the romantic one. The one for our friends, the one for our siblings, the one for our parents, the one for our country etc.
I decided to leave that part out because I felt that what I had already written summed up my thoughts nicely and that adding more would just be going on and on.

In hindsight I think I should have waited a few days before uploading it since it had several typos here and there. I went back and edited it a few times after the upload. Oh well.
There will be more editorials, most of them will be constructive criticisms of movies.

Since I don`t want to do any more rewrites of my editorial (I feel it would be a bit too "George Lucas-y" to do several re-edits of a finished work). I want to talk about one thing I don`t like about Frozen`s Academy award nomiation. (I was gonna write about it in my editorial but I forgot.)^^;
Several of the members of the jury didn`t bother to watch some of the nominated movies. One of them was even in the old mindset that "all animation is just for kids". There were other great animated movies that came out that year that could have had a chance if the jury members had taken their jobs seriously.

BTW: I also wrote this journal as a draft in notes. :o

Now, with that said. Who wants to build a snowmale!?

"Google translate sings" is a fun idea by Malinda Kathleen Reese. She takes a song`s lyrics, puts it through a couple of "layers" of Google translate and ends up with funny results.

In this case she translated "Do you want to build a snowman?" from english to german, then chinese, korean, swedish, japanese, nepalese, greek, icelandic and about seven other languages (don`t know if it was in that order though.) and then back to english.

Listen and enjoy.:)
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I´m a film and comicbook loving cartoonist who hopes to one day be known for my comics and drawings.
I figured Deviantart would be agood place to start.
I don´t drink or smoke.

You can also find me at

If it´s the first time you fav something of mine I´ll send a thank you message.

If I send a thank you message to some one I´ve already thanked it´s because I´ve either forgotten that you´ve already fav´d me, or you have too many messages on your favourites pages and I´m too lazy to check all of them to see if I´ve thanked you already.

Current Residence: Mölndal, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: good music

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