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Aloha James by 81Scorp Aloha James :icon81scorp:81Scorp 34 5
Constructive criticism: 7 MCU films (and a bonus)
Comicbookmovies. More specifically: Superhero comicbookmovies. They have been made before with varying degrees of success. The whole superhero comicbookmovie wave didn`t really take off until Bryan Singer`s X-Men. More Marvel-based superheromovies were made, but like earlier attempts they were not as good as superhero comicbookmovies could be. So Marvel decided to make their own movies, after all... Who knows Marvel better than Marvel? Not only were their own movies big hits but they also had something the previous Marvel movies didn`t have: a shared movie universe. It seems like Marvel couldn`t do anything wrong.
But even people who know what they`re doing can stumble sometimes and the MCU is not an exeption.
Let us, in my very subjective and nitpicky editorial, see what I would have changed.
SPOILERS for Avengers, Iron man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron
(and  minor SPOILERS for Thor the dark world and Captain America: Civil war)

Iron man 2
Nick Fury`s inroduction
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Constructive criticism: Spider-Man 3
Ah yes... Spider-Man, one of my favourite marvel superheroes.
I remember that there was talk about making a live action Spider-Man in the early nineties and James Cameron was gonna direct it. Some time later in the early twothousands I started to get confirmation that a live action Spider-Man movie was indeed in production. (Directed by Sam Raimi though, but he directed Darkman, which I liked, so he seemed like a good pick.)
Before this there had been mostly DC in the cinema when it came to comicbook superhero movies, and pretty much only of two of the most wellknown heroes DC had, Superman and Batman. And it was mostly Batman. In both cases the franchises started good but got dumber and worse with every sequel. It seemed like Hollywood just couldn`t make good superhero movies.
Then an X-Men movie came out. Maybe not perfect but at least it understood the sourcematerial. Then came the Spider-Man movies. After waiting for ten years was it everything I hoped it would be? Not quite to be
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Elmer smurfed up by 81Scorp Elmer smurfed up :icon81scorp:81Scorp 5 5
Constructive criticism: XO: Wolverine
Ah yes... X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
The first two X-Men movies may not have been perfect but they weren`t bad and at least they understood that at the heart of this comicbook universe was a theme about xenophobia. The third movie may have been bad but it was bad in a way that I was mostly OK with. Then... there`s this movie. 
I remember when I saw this in the cinema. The only people in the audience was me, two women who were probably in their late forties and, a few rows in front of me, a man, probably also in his late forties. Talk about overcrowded (he said, not without a small hint of sarcasm). I should have seen the warning signs right there. 
As the movie played on the screen I kept telling myself "It doesn`t have to be superfaithful to his origin in the comics, it`s still good, it`s still good... -ish". Technically, I was right. Then came the final fight in the climax, and that`s where I felt: "Really? You`re really gonna do it like that?" It was like, not only had they
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Constructive criticism: X-Men 3
Comicbook movies. More specifically: Superhero comicbookmovies. Rarely taken seriously because the material the are based on are rarely taken seriously. While Richard Donner`s Superman was successful and Tim Burton`s Batman managed to step away from the more campy and silver-age image that superhero comics are so heavily associated with, attempts to bring other franchises to the big screen didn`t work that well. Movies of this genre survived mostly by being "so bad it`s good". 
Attempts were made at making more serious Superhero comicbookmovies like "The Crow" or "Blade". But the wave of not only more comicbookmovies but also more serious comicbookmovies didn`t really take off until Bryan Singer`s X-Men.
X-Men wasn`t perfect but it was a good start for the "let`s try to make a serious superhero comicbookmovie and not turn it into a big, campy, live-action saturday morning cartoon joke" genre. When it was
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Constructive criticism: Batman v Superman
In 2013 Superman`s movie franchise got rebooted with a movie directed by Zack Snyder and written by David S Goyer. The result was... a little bit divisive. Some loved it, some hated it, but never the less it made money, enough to greenlight a sequel... or rather: a bigger, shared movie universe. Not unlike what they were doing over at Marvel.
There were some missteps in the first movie but surely the filmmakers had learned from them when it was time for a sequel, right?
No, not really. Like Michael Bay when he made Transformers: Revenge of the fallen, Zack Snyder and David S Goyer just kept on rolling as if they had learned nothing from the first movie. This time my love for DC and it`s characters was not enough to distract me from the movie`s shortcomings. Take the small bastardisation of some of the characters out of the equation and it`s still pretty bad on it`s own. Lack of humanity, underdeveloped characters, poor motivations and having too much stuff crammed in.
But it wasnt
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More thoughts on Tangled
I thought that all of my thoughts on Tangled might be a little much to read if put into one editorial, so I decided to divide it into two. Here`s the second half.
You broke my SPOILERS !
Small constructive criticism

On the fence: Rapunzel hiding the satchel
Where did Rapunzel hide the satchel? On her body I mean, before the scene where she gives it to Eugene in the boat.
How about: She could have left the tower with her own, selfmade handbag to carry small stuff, like provision. When Gothel gives her the satchel she could take the crown out of it and hide it in her handbag and give it to Eugene later.
"But if you`re gonna question the realism why don`t you also question why her hair doesn`t get dirty from being dragged on the ground or get stuck more often?" you might say. Because A: Tangled seems to operate more on a fairytale logic than a Looney tunes logic where characters can pull things out of thin air whenever it`s convenient and the satchel was too important
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My thoughts on Tangled
In my "More thoughts on Frozen" editorial I wrote: "I like Frozen. Though not as much as I like Tangled."
So let`s talk about Tangled.
And at last I see the SPOILERS
I didn`t have high expectations about this movie. Based on what I saw from the trailer it seemed to be not much more than a silly romp with lots of slapstick, kinda like The Emperor`s new groove. I wasn`t really interested in watching it until I saw a trailer with the scene where Flynn and Rapunzel sits in a boat and release lanterns into the sky. I thought to myself: "I think I`ll give it a watch."
Then there`s the name. It was originally gonna be called Rapunzel, but the big suits at Disney changed it. It has been theorized that they did it because The Princess and the Frog, while not unsuccessful at the box office, was not as successful as they had hoped, and they were afraid that boys wouldn`t see a movie with the word "Princess" or anything feminine in the title. I think it was a very insecure move
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Constructive criticism: Rise of the Silver Surfer
For some reason the Fantastic Four movie made in 2005 got a sequel.
I have to admit that I liked Rise of the Silver Surfer more than it`s predecessor. Possibly because the first movie had already gotten all the establishing and introductions out of the way, so the interesting stuff could actually happen in the first part of the movie. Still not good enough to actually be good though, and it didn`t do quite as well as the first at the box office.
Let us, in my very subjective editorial, see how Rise of the Silver Surfer could have been better.
It begins... in SPAAAACE! We see a planet. The planet gets destroyed. A big, strange, giant, alien ship flies away from it.
Earth, night. Reed Richards is in his lab writing formulas on a blackboard. He notices that he is not alone. A tall man, possibly bald (hard to tell because he is mostly in the shadows) wearing alien, ancient looking clothes, gives him cryptic and vague warnings about an upcoming threat. The next second Reed finds himself in
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A little haiku
First, five syllables.
Then seven, then five again.
A haiku this is.
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Dr Manhattan Lets it all go
The stars glow bright in the vacuum of space
not a sound is to be heard.
A planet of desolation,
and I`m alone on this world.
Universe is cold and empty like this hole inside.
Couldn`t stop their war, Heaven knows I tried.
I am unable to relate
to the humans, or care about their fate.
I can not stop the third world war.
It`s gone too faar!
Let it go! Let it go!
Can't hold it back anymore!
Let it go! Let it go!
Turn away and slam the door!
I don't care what they're going to say!
Let their war rage on.
Clothes always bothered me anyway.
It's logical how distance
makes planet Earth seem small.
And the U.S. government
can't get to me at all!
It's time for me to cut my last
ties to earth and leave it in the past.
There are no watchmen watching me.
I'm free!
Let it go! Let it go!
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go! Let it go!
You'll never see me cry
Here I stand, and here I stay!
Let their war rage on!
I control atoms in the air and all around!
I make a cogwheel castle rise out of the
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Constructive criticism: Fantastic Four
In 1961 Martin Goodman, the editor of Marvel Comics (Which back then was called Atlas Comic.), called writer Stan Lee to tell him that their competition, DC Comics (Which was called National Comics back then.), had created a team of superheroes called the Justice League, and it was a big seller.
"I want us to get on the bandwagon too. Cook me up a book which stars a whole team of heroes - and do it yesterday!"
So. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Fantastic Four, Marvel`s first Superhero team which not only sold great, but also introduced the idea of relatable superheroes. Plus: unlike most Superheroes they didn`t have secret identities.
In 1986 Constantin Film acquired the film rights to Fantastic Four and a low budget movie was made by producer Roger Corman in 1994... only to never see the light of day. Except in the form of bootlegs.
The movie was only made so that the company could keep the movie rights. Probably waiting for a time when special effects had improved so that it
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My Little thoughts on Slice Of Life
In 2010 Hasbro hired animator, writer and director Lauren Faust to breathe some new life into the My Little Pony franchise which, unlike fine wine had not aged well with time. Faust, a fan of the original show put together a team and based her version on the first generation of My Little Pony but put more emphasis on humor and gave the characters more in-depth personalities. The show was successful. So successful that it became popular outside of it`s target demographic and gained a following of young and middleaged men and women who call themselves "Bronies" and "Pegasisters". Aware of their unconventinal fans, the creators of the show sometimes put in a few nods to the older audience now and then.
A while ago the show turned 100 episodes. That isn`t bad, it`s a good milestone for a show. At the hundredth episode the creators usually do something extra to celebrate that the show has lasted that long. Like: have a famous guest star, have two people who have been in love witch eachother
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Constructive criticism: Man of Steel
With Superman Returns not being the success Warner Bros hoped for, no more sequels that take place in the Superman universe that Richard Donner created have been made since. But since a reboot worked for the old Dark Knight it could work just as well for the big, blue, flying boy scout.
Superman`s movie franchise got a reboot in a movie directed by Zack Snyder and written by David S Goyer. The result was... a little bit divisive. Some loved it, some hated it but never the less it made money, enough to greenlight a sequel... or rather: a bigger, shared movie universe. Not unlike what they were doing over at Marvel.
Personally I kinda, sorta liked it, at least more than Superman returns. But, like I mentioned in my "More thoughts on Frozen" Editorial where I briefly talked about Avatar, I can see it`s flaws. Otherwise it wouldn`t have ended up here.
Where did it go wrong and how could it have been better?
The S stands for SPOILERS
The colour saturation
With the failure of G
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Constructive criticism: Transformers 2
Before I go into Transformers 2 I want to talk about the X-Men and Spider-man movie that came out in the early 2000`s.
Spider-man and X-Men are in my opinion a good start. Not just to the whole "let`s try to make a serious comicbook superhero movie and not turn it into a big, campy, live-action saturday morning cartoon joke" genre, but to their own, respective movie franchises as well. 
"What about The Crow and Blade?"
Yes, those were good, serious comicbook movies but they didnt start a big, new wave of good comicbook superhero movies, they were more of a prologue.
As I was saying: X-men and Spider-man were a good start for their movie franchises. They weren`t perfect. The filmmakers were a little new to the universe and how to translate it into something more cinematic, but it worked well enough. In the sequels things worked a little better. The directors, writers and actors had gotten more familiar with the characters, the world they lived in and things seemed to work sm
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Female Body Types Tutorial by Phobos-Romulus Female Body Types Tutorial :iconphobos-romulus:Phobos-Romulus 12,971 490
The Unseen Stock - July
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Gabriella Stock 4 by Tris-Marie
Aubrey princess 4 by Jeni-Sue
STOCK_RingMaster.2 by Bellastanyer-STOCK Alexa 14 by CathleenTarawhiti Ritterturnier Rosenburg 2016-07 by blackkurai Sun in tenebrae part7 by Cendrayliss--Stock
Lake1 by Civetta70 Nature 762 by MASYON Segaranak by ananda23
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Nature 674 by MASYON
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Lake (free to use) by GWGRanch19
Korneuburg 1 by fallen-cherubim Premade Sunset Background by flowerpowerstock UK Stock 2823 by new-horizon-stock Untitled by 361unwanted
Cloud 5 by AsiaAndEric-Stock
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Ruins by IvanLaliashvili Ruins :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 4,012 120 Waterfalls by IvanLaliashvili Waterfalls :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 2,766 69 Metamorphosis by gebazzz Metamorphosis :icongebazzz:gebazzz 165 19 Life study: shirts by Spectrum-VII Life study: shirts :iconspectrum-vii:Spectrum-VII 1,630 14
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Stock-Photo [233] by Model-Salvaje Carly 12 by CathleenTarawhiti Costume 'Leaving summer' by Aquilina-das 46 by CroquisCafe
Green Forest Trail by CompassLogicStock
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Sandy Cave by fuguestock
Ice Stock 03 by FullStop-Stock Sunset in Turkey 6 by flowerpowerstock Seals near Kaikora South Island New Zealand 5 by CathleenTarawhiti
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In my previous journal
(can be found here: Update and some mask videosSooo...
After much procrastination I (well, my brother actually) managed to get Photoshop for our home computer, temporarily at least.
We got a trial version of Photoshop creative cloud free for a week from adobe. Since I had promised my brother to help him with a picture he wanted to upload, most of my priorities was focused on that.
I`ve learned something from this experience: when I get a proper Photoshop my workplace is gonna be more ergonomical because my arms really hurt after working a while. (Also: taking breaks now and then would also surely help.)
But even if we`re back to no Photoshop I`ve discovered a way to upload pics. Our scanner at home doesn`t work but there`s a fully functional scanner at our local library and I`ve bought a couple of USB memory sticks (or maybe it`s called flashdrive). So I can scan pics there and upload from another computer (which will mostly be from home since I doubt they`ll let me do it from work).
But just so you know, they are gonna be unfinish
I said that my brother managed to get Photoshop for our home computer, temporarily at least: A free trial version of Photoshop creative cloud free for a week from adobe.
After that we were back to being photoshopless. Now my brother has found a photoshop substitute: Gimp.
And unlike the creative cloud it`s (to my knowledge) not temporary.
So I guess I`m back to uploading visual art on DA again.
"`I guess`?"you may ask. "Shouldn`t you be more enthousiastic about uploading pics again?"
Don`t get me wrong, I am glad. It`s just that I`m so used to using the Photoshop CS. I used it when I studied to become a cartoonist, when I went to the activity house, at my sister`s place when we would visit her and the earlier mentioned creative cloud version.
I could always get used to Gimp but photoshop CS had a few finesses that Gimp lacks. I have found a few ways to work myself around most of the shortcomings (not that there are so many of them).

Anyway, pics will be uploaded in the future and until I can get my hands on the (for me) more comfortable photoshop they will be made with Gimp.

And yes, I know what scene from a certain Tarantino movie this journal title reminds you of and no, I`m not sorry.


Artist | Hobbyist
I´m a film and comicbook loving cartoonist who hopes to one day be known for my comics and drawings.
I figured Deviantart would be a good place to start.
I don`t give Llamas automatically. If you`ve given me a Llama and want me to give you a Llama back then please let me know.
You don`t have to give me a Llama just because I`ve given one to you (unless you really want to).

I don´t drink or smoke.

You can also find me at

If it´s the first time you fav something of mine I´ll send a thank you message.
If I send a thank you message to some one I´ve already thanked it´s because I´ve either forgotten that you´ve already fav´d me, or you have too many messages on your favourites pages and I´m too lazy to check all of them to see if I´ve thanked you already.

Current Residence: Mölndal, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: good music


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